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Concrete Coring/Pour Back/Removal

At A&A Scanning, LLC, our mission is to make our customers happy, and satisfy their job requirements, we are dedicated to providing the best service possible. We have the right equipment for each job, and our professionalism will shine with each task at hand. We are able to drill to any depth, any condition, as well as tight areas or confined spaces. Our company can handle large or small jobs.

Basics of Core Drilling:

Core Drilling is a service in which a drill is used to remove a cylinder of material (a core). A&A Scanning, LLC, uses diamond core drills in order to best cut through concrete and other materials surrounding the concrete to ensure that we completely meet the customer’s satisfaction.

We use this technique for the following:

  • • Walls, Floor Slabs, Ceilings
  • • Electrical and Communication Services
  • • HVAC Slab
  • • Plumbing
  • • Roadways for doweling drilling, rebar, or drainage
  • • Lighting and Fixtures
  • • Concrete Samples for analysis

Whatever the project may be, the process to core drill the hole, will in most cases be the same. The process entails that the operator will use a small anchor to secure the drill post to the wall, and will then bolt the drill post, to serve as a guide for the core drill itself. By bolting the drill post, it will allow for the core drill to hit its mark straight on and make one smooth and consistent core, at any angle. Once the drill post is bolted, the next step will be for the operator to mount the drill bit. The drill bit can be whatever size the customer is needing. We offer many sizes of drill bits to meet each customer’s need. If we do not have the size needed, we will be able to get one specific for your job.

Pour Back & Removal

As with all jobs, we will have to quote for Pour Back and Removals. We may need to visit the jobsite to help us indicate any problem areas to provide a proper quote. Please call A&A Scanning, LLC for your quote today!